Qucksilver & User Interface Enhancement

Is anybody using http://quicksilver.blacktree.com Quicksilver? I think we’re all aware that Devonthink is not the prettiest girl in the chorus line, but she is the brainiest. There has been some talk on user interface enhancement, and that may or may not be on the agenda of the great coders at Devon.
Quicksilver is “An evolving framework for accessing and
manipulating many forms of personal data”, and a brilliant way of moving files and folders around applications. Great UIs are not about eye-candy, but the ability to help you get your work done. Is it possible to use Quicksilver as a front-end to interact with Devonthink? If it is, the file/folder issues are greatly reduced.

I use QS all the time. It excels at integration with other apps so tying in DT would be awesome.

Yup. Lots of Quicksilver users here.

And nope, it can’t get inside the database (or any database, AFAIK).

But we’re told future versions of DT will keep everything outside, where it can be reached by Spotlight, and presumably Quicksilver.

OK, I’ll bite. I looked at the Quicksilver website and came away wondering exactly what this program does. Can any of you give an example of fitting QS into a workflow? Preferably where the workflow includes DT (with an 11.4 million word database) and NoteTaker (one notebook for each project, for the most part) and outputs primarily in Word? Not that it matters, but projects are mostly scientific research and report development, exploratory data analyses, etc.

Thanks in advance,

Anybody who uses Quicksilver for 7 days will tell you that without it, their Mac feels crippled. The only way to find out what this does is to bite. and be patient (with yourself), because over time, QS will introduce a whole new paradigm to you.
Just imagine, being able to access the power of your mighty database from a tiny-but-beautiful, unobtrusive widget that only appears when called, fading into the background otherwise.
Now, bite.

QuickSilver is, at its heart, like the programs LaunchBar and Butler. In these programs, you type a trigger (commonly cmd-space). Then you can type a short string of characters and the program will find the application or document and launch it for you when you press enter. For example, I type cmd-space and then “NT” and it automatically launches (or brings to the front) NoteTaker. No more rooting around in the Application or Document folder for the program or file you want. Indeed, a mac does feel crippled without such a program. These programs have added plenty of bells and whistles in the last iterations such as finding and playing tunes in iTunes, addressbook info display/copy, copying/moving files, etc. QuickSilver in particular has multiple clipboard support.

I tried out QS for a while and liked it initially (it is free, has a spiffy GUI, etc.) but found it to be buggy and slower then LaunchBar (the oldest of the three), at least on my Mac. LaunchBar seems to have a better algorithm for guessing what you want to launch from what you type. However, other forums are filled with strong QS (and Butler) fanatics who will tell you that it is faster than LB, which costs $20 to use, unlike QS.

It remains to be seen how these programs will interact with/be replaced by SpotLight in Tiger. I would guess that the DEVON tech folks are concentrating their energies on leveraging the features of spotlight and are (wisely) not spending too much time thinking how to link in to any 3rd party app.

What’s great about QS is that, unlike the other alternatives (which are wonderful), it provides an open framework to interact with external applications. I don’t think it’s up to Devon to do this, though it would be great - they have other fish to fry: I think this is something the DT user community should do ourselves, if it becomes technically possible.

i’ve got Quicksilver, have used it for a few months. I like it, but if you took it off my Mac I certainly would not feel it was crippled. Different work flow, I guess.

I don’t like using it for launching apps. For that I use DragThing. I don’t type anything, I just have a series of tabs that stay mostly hidden on the bottom of my screen. Everything I regularly use is instantly accessible there.

I find I use Quicksilver primarily to access contacts in Address Book. Command/space brings up the search window, i type the last name and any files, including the vcard, with that name are displayed. i highlight the vcard and press right arrow and the card is displayed. very slick.

it’s less helpful at finding documents as not all file formats are seen by QS.

but I LOVE the user interface paradigm and would dig it if DT allowed searches in this manner. type a hot key and have a floating/transparent window appear. enter the search term and boom, there’s DT with your results.