Queries about links

copy page link

If I create a ‘copy page link’ and then paste this into a Rich Text note, then the name of the displayed link is the name of the filename of the document linked to.

Is it possible to change the copy page link name. i.e. the linked to file is called ‘Unit 2.pdf’ is it possible to rename it to something else? If I right-click on the link and Edit Link, I cannot change the link name.

Is this possible?

If I open the Rich Text note and click on a ‘copy page link’ the Rich Text note is closed and the document linked to is opened.

Is this expected?

And is it possible to set as a default that the document linked to is opened as a new tab?

Link to a specific part of a page

Is it possible to link to a specific (selected) part of a pdf. With the ‘copy page link’, one is taken to the top of a page, but it would be more useful to be linked directly to the part of a page to which a link refers to.

Is this possible?

Just edit the pasted & linked text.

Yes. You can open the linked document in a different tab by Command-clicking.


I use Copy Page Link hundreds of times a day (okay, may not that much, but definitely a large number of times daily). I tend to just highlight the specific passage I am interested in, so there is no need to link to anything more specific than the page. The highlight draws my attention to the specific word, phrase, or paragraph that I need to see.