Query not working as expected

I have designed the following query to run on a particular site:

(easy OR easier OR easiest) BEFORE/2 (do OR use)

So I think that this query should only return pages that have one of the listed forms of the word “easy” preceding either “do” or use" by no more than 2 words.

However, I get sites returned with content like this (relevant parts included):

• Set up a daily time-with-God appointment. Again, it’s easier for kids to question something they have to do that a mom, dad or brother doesn’t. Include the whole family in prayer or simple communion with God.

Prayer is a spiritual discipline that is easiest to pick up early in life. Help your kids feel God’s love, protection and power through prayer.

The URL for reference is awana.org/about/default.aspx?id=834#jmp0

As far as I can see there is no place on this page where the query conditions are met.

I checked out that site and responded to your Support query. The false positive result may have involved “hidden” HTML code. But I suggested a different query that illustrates that the BEFORE/2 operator does function properly in a search of that site.

I’m using a beta of DEVONthink Pro Office 2 that has the query operators and syntax of DEVONagent – very powerful.

Here’s an example of two searches that show off the filtering capacity of the BEFORE/n operator:

  1. The query “eas* BEFORE/2 (do OR use)” returned 518 items in my database for which the query was true. That is, the wildcard string preceded either “do” or “use” by two words or less.

  2. The query “eas* AND (do OR use)” returned 5,718 items that contained the wildcard string and either “do” or “use”.

So a proximity operator can make a difference.

It’s indeed a bug, the next maintenance release will fix this.

Good to know. I was running into similar issues. Thanks for the response.