Query problem

Hello folks,

I can not get this query to work: " “~term1 term2” " (only the inner quotes are query-relevant)

I got no results. What do I do wrong?

Best and thanks for helping me, Matze

EDIT: maybe it has got to do with the tilde?
Manuals advice “~term1: Contains all words that begin or end with term1 (words containing term1 as a part of the word; depends on the queried search engine)” doesn’t work at all. I copied the ~ from the manual.

As a phrase is a term, this has to be ~“word1 word2”.

Thank you Matthias, but this one ~“ige wörter” (to find lists of “lustige, eigenartige, eklige, merkwürdige wörter”) finds two pages. One with “Häufige Wörter” one with “unanständ’ige Wörter”

When I search for “merkwürdige wörter” I get 112 pages!

??? Matze

The ~ operator is an add-on of DEVONagent and not supported by any major search engine. Therefore it’s basically intended for search sets querying sites on their own and not using search engines.

Okay, Christian (sorry for Matthias :blush: ), I understand.

What do you suggest to do? Find all pages that contain “Wörter NEAR Liste” and then search these sites with ~ operator?

Best and thank you for your help, Matze

You could use a more generic search term (without ~) sent to search engines and use a secondary term (with ~) too only evaluated by DEVONagent.

Thank you, Christian!