Query re images inside Annotation notes

Hello all,

Just updated SanppyApp.

The change might be that side, or it might be in DTPO?

Previously, if I made a screengrab of a different document, and then pasted it into the Annotation note, I could click on it, and then resize the image by dragging in from the edges.

That no longer appears possible?

Am I missing something, or has something changed?

DEVONthink doesn’t handle this and doesn’t support resizing on its own, therefore something else must have caused this.

Many thanks! Will look for a workaround. 8)

Thanks korm – these are very useful.

I played around a bit, and I’m pretty sure that somewhere something must have changed in OS X – since they PDF drop is different now as well.

I’ve never used it, but I remember having ‘mind-blown’ status, when I realised I could drop an entire PDF into an Annotation note, and have it ‘live-scroll’.

By the latter, I mean that the 1st page of the PDF would be visible inside the Annotation note, and you could then scroll through all its pages. I distinctly remember that I could drag and pull the sides of that ‘pdf’ to make it bigger or smaller, so as to have it legible/readable inside the annotation note.

I tried that now – 1st change, is that the entire PDF is dropped in – as in, all the pages one under the others. 2nd change, the size cannot be altered either, at least, not from what I could see.

Not complaining, just an observation that things are working differently in the Annotation note, (or all RTF files) from how I remember them…

I’ve never seen PDFs, or RTFs (“Annotations” are RTF files) behave that way on any version of DEVONthink or OS X. Perhaps there is another universe after all :laughing:

:open_mouth: Seriously?!?


Well then – all those Terminal hacks I picked up from that Mac Kung Fu book I bought – when I first crossed over, must have created a Frankenmonster OSX this side! :smiley:

Will see if I can find one of those Annotation files I created all the way back, when I first started playing around, and pop up something. I sincerely hope I find one, or I’m going to have to start questioning my sanity! :wink:


Had a look, and cannot find one. They’re (obviously) all doing the same now – little drop-down to Markup. Pretty darn sure I’m not losing my mind – found an email I wrote to a colleague, where I talked about that very thing “as a feature”, was in August of 2013 – so that would’ve been Mountain Lion still?