Question about Archives and Filters

I need a little help understanding how Archives work with Filters and Groups.

When you invoke “Archived Pages” in the Filter section of the Settings drawer or in a custom Search Set, how is the filtering implemented? Does it occur against every page stored in the entire archive, no matter how many groups are present? Or if it works at the Group level within the Archive, how does DevonAgent maintain an association between a particular query and the appropriate Group(s)?

I ran a new ad hoc search against the Patents database and saved all the hits in the Archive. How can I re-run that the same search again with filtering to see if there are new (novel) hits? I thought I could select the group folder in the Archive and somehow re-initiate the original query, but that doesn’t seem possible. Must you always prepare a saved Search Set in order to enable repeat searches and filtering against the archive?


When the option to filter previously archived pages are checked, pages previously stored in the archive, in any group, will not be displayed in the results list.

To check for new results, simply run the same query – with the same settings – again. Only new results will be displayed.

I often create a custom search set for keeping up with new material on a topic. Set options so that the new results are emailed, then save the results to the archive so that the query, when run again, will only display new results. Such a scheduled search set can also be run manually if desired, e.g. weekly or monthly.