Question about Bonjour sync

I have my Mac as the Bonjour server, and three other devices as Bonjour clients.

If I change the same files on the clients while remote from the server Mac, what will happen when they re-connect with the server Mac?, creating potential conflict.

Will server Mac just use the most recent change it finds?


In my sync settings, we have two options
. Use latest document
. Duplicate documents

Thanks! Never noticed that…embarassed!

@DTLow is correct on the conflict resolution.

Are you using DEVONthink To Go on the three other devices when you’re remote or do you just have them with you?

One of the three is another Mac (DT3) and the others are an iPad and iPhone using DTTG. The situation I was asking about was when the server Mac stayed at home while I travelled with the others.

But are you actively using DEVONthink To Go on both the iPhone and iPad when out and about?

The sub text here is that until recently I have also had CloudKit syncing, but I am getting CloudKit errors so thinking about going to Bonjour only, and want to understand better the implications.

So yes I could be making changes on the any of the three client devices while remote from the server. I can see that conflicts (hence copies with my setting) should be avoided if I deliberately limit myself to only using one device while away from server. This would not be a problem.

The CloudKit errors are cured by cleaning the database, until the next time.