Question about close all docs on quit smart rule

if what is true ?

thanks in advance for your time and help

The All criterion matches any value, e.g., Name, Content, Tags, etc.
In this case, it’s acting more as a placeholder since you aren’t specifically targeting anything with the rule. Smart rules can’t match windows or databases. The event trigger On Quit is the key to this particular rule and the script takes care of the window closing.

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thanks very much !

do I understand correctly ?

name matches asterisc ?

That’s supported but not very useful. What are you specifically trying to do?

after reading on the the DevonThink supplements talking about a new script to close all docs before quitting

In this instance, there’s nothing to match. The On Quit controls the actions, in your case the Execute Script that does the heavy lifting.

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I’m very sorry: I still don’t understand. I understand that on quit does all the heavy lifting, but what do I put in the place of name matches … I have no alternative but to have something there. thank you

OK, I understand now. thanks

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