Question about converting PDF to Searchable PDF

I am a total newbie to Devonthin, so please excuse the probable simplicity of this question -

I have hundreds of PDF documents that have already been imported into DevonThink Pro Office which have not been converted to searchable PDf files using OCR, which is something I plan to do…I tried doing this on a single PDF file, and noticed that it essentially creates a duplicate of the file that is searchable by PDF, and that it does leave the original file in its place…

I assume Devonthink does this so that you at least have the option to preserve the original non-searchable PDF if you want What I would like to make sure of before I start deleting a bunch of files that I shouldn’t have is that if I do indeed want to keep just the version of the file that has been converted to a searchable PDF, then is it OK to just go ahead and delete the old (non-searchable version) of the file by moving it to the trash?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated… Thanks!

You can delete the original, image-only PDF files, unless you may want to keep the original if print or image quality is especially important. I almost always delete the original files after converting them to searchable PDF.

Thanks for the reply!