Question about Dropbox sync

I know it’s not an officially supported sync method, but if you close out of your database before opening on another computer, will that minimize potential issues?

When searching on this topic, it seems there are some complicated methods to use Dropbox (symbolic links, etc.), I wonder if that’s really necessary.

And if your database does get corrupted, there shouldn’t be any issue reverting to a previous version of the database, correct? Except maybe losing whatever you were working on at the time?

Hope the new sync solution comes out soon.

Syncing a database with Dropbox always opens the possibility that changes to some component of the database package by DEVONthink or Dropbox are not completed before the other program makes a conflicting change. Even with the database closed on one machine, it is by definition always accessed by both Dropbox and DEVONthink on one of the machines when the database is open. So, you have a possibility of corruption. It might be a minimal possibility, but it’s not zero.

That’s the risk you’d want to assess from your personal circumstances.

I am a keen supporter of using DTP and dropbox, having done so for a couple of years without incident.

As Korm quite correctly points out, you need to be sure that the dropbox sync has completed before you open DTP on another machine. For me that has never been a problem as I close out of the database at home then drive to where I next need to be which may be an hour or so later by which time DropBox has finished syncing whatever files I have changed. A quick look to dropbox sync on my laptop to make sure that is is up to date and I am away.

One more point to note, if you have left the database open on your home machine by mistake and then try to open it on another machine DTP tells you that it appears that you have not logged out. OK you can still override this message and open anyway, but while you can make most things fool-proof, making it idiot-proof is a bit more difficult!

Yes there is a risk of data corruption and it needs to be done with your eyes wide open, but if, like me, you are a single user that needs to use DTP on more than one machine, I cannot recommend the technique more highly.

Thanks, that is helpful and encouraging. I’m going for the sync, baby!

Any update on actual sync solution? I believe it was some months ago that a solution was coming from Devon, I thought I remember by end of 2011… I’ve been holding off on using dropbox, but without some indication this is still coming (?icloud or similar solution), maybe need to go to dropbox.