Question about email import

I may be missing something or have a setting that needs to be adjusted, but when using email import, DTPO sets my email programs (Entourage and Mail) offline while it’s importing. Is there a way for the email programs to automatically go back online after completing DTPO email imports? As it is, afterwords, I always end up typing merrily away to create a new email, hit send and, of course, cannot since the email program is in offline status. As I said, I just may not be doing something right. Any advice?

When you close the Mail Import window it will set the program online again.

Also: I highly recommend you to install the Mail plugin we developed. First of all it doesn’t need Mail to be offline and secondly it is much more reliable than the AppleScript-based interface. Mail has bugs there that Apple still doesn’t seem to fix with every subsequent release of Mac OS X.

Thanks Annard.

I will do so regarding your suggestion about the Mail plugin and see if that helps.

Here at work, using Entourage at least, closing the Mail import window does not set the program back online, at least following the initial startup of DTPO. To wit: DTPO starts for the first time of the day (or I have exited DTPO completely and reopened); I use import email function. DTPO sets Entourage offline as noted in the top menu. I import the email and close the import window. Entourage is still off line and if I create a new email and hit send, a prompt window appears asking if I want to continue to work offline or work online. I have to select online in order to send the email.

Now, if DTPO is already open and I have imported email and put Entourage back online manually as stated above, subsequent email imports do not have the same effect on Entourage, i.e., I can import and then send a new email without a problem.

It used to work here with Entourage 2004, but YMMV with 2008 since I don’t have it here.

YKICWE…except I’m using Entourage 2004 not 2008.

I just checked it again. There is a user interface glitch in the English localisation that prevented it from working when you close the window. If you select another Mail Source it works as intended. This will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks, Annard, for rechecking. Appreciate the assistance.

I too have a similar problem;

Using DTPO 2.0pb5, Entourage 2008 12.1.7, OSX 10.5.7

Reinstalled the mail plugin though not using apple mail.

If I start up clean and open DTPO then import my mail, it will start up Entourage (same if I open Entourage 1st), take it Off Line, load the folders I can import my mail.

When I close the import mail window DTPO does NOT put Entourage back online - it did so in the beginning. (I purchased DTPO on Monday, licence I am sure is not an issue.) I can put Entourage online from the Entourage menu. Can operate Entourage OK.

If I want to import more mail, same DTPO import mail sequence, DTPO says that it has taken Entourage offline but it does NOT. DTPO does NOT load the mail folders and I am presented with the same number of messages to import from the previous import though the messages do not appear in the RH pane.

I can only import mail again if I shutdown and restart DTPO once again.

Previously this did work. When I say previously I do not recall this being an issue over the weekend.

The same answer applies as before, this is related.