Question about Google Results

After using DA for a couple of months, I am still not clear on how it works. For example, I just did a search which returned 10 documents, one of which is titled “Google Search” and is simply a replication of what I would get if I searched Google outright. Is this the way itis supposed to work? Does the program not process the Google results individually, looking for invalid pages, etc?

It does appear that DA is processing individual links for some engines, Dogpile for example, so why is it returning just an unprocessed page of Google links?

Assuming you’re referring to the search set you’ve posted in the forum (or a similar one using lots of plugins), then it’s caused by certain plugins which have to be updated (and will be updated in v2.0.3).

I am using 2.03 beta. Are they not updated in this version? If not, do you have an idea when 2.03 will be out?

Also, is the Google plugin one of the problems because I am not getting all of the google results in my output of pages?

They’re updated. But as you’re following a lot of links, it’s likely that there are pages (e.g. unknown small search engines) linking back to Google.

DEVONagent skips certain results, e.g. the ones linking to PDF documents or the ones already returned by other plugins.

Ok, I see what is happening now. The list of google links is being returned by another plugin because all the Google results are being returned correctly.

Thanks for the always fast support.!