Question about importing PDF files...

I’ve been using the “Save in DEVONThink” applescript from the Print dialog to save documents into my DEVONThink database.

However, I’ve just discovered that if the original file is removed (eg I open my database on a different computer or, in the case of the “printing to pdf”, the /tmp folder is cleaned out) then DEVONthink can only show me a small, low-quality thumbnail of the file…
(same thing happens if I import by dropping a file onto the database and then later delete that file).

How can I avoid this behaviour? I’ve tried playing around will the various import preferences but can’t hit upon one that works.

Also, is there anyway to “recover” the pdfs I’ve already added this way that have since disappeared?


Adrian Smith

PS if anyone has any suggestions for other ways to do this I would love to hear them - I’m mainly using this feature to save copies of web-pages that have lots of images in them (ie taking a rich note is not enough).

Choose the “Copy into database” or “Copy into database folder” preferences. Otherwise DEVONthink uses only references to original images and PDF documents and if you delete them or if they’re not available on a different machine, DEVONthink is only able to display its internal thumbnail.

Hmm… I’m pretty sure I tried that but it didn’t seem to work. I’ll try again when I get home tonight…


Just tried it again here at home and the “Copy into database folder” doesn’t seem to work with pdfs imported either from the File menu or with the “Save to DEVONthink” Applescript in the Print Dialog…

I’ve also tried deselecting the “set URL to file path option” and it doesn’t seem to make any difference…

The pdf remains where is it on disk and doesn’t appear in my DEVONthink folder (in the case of the “Save to DEVONthink” applescript the pdf ends up in the /tmp/ directory).

What am I doing wrong?


PS FWIW my DEVONthink folder is located on an external firewire disk and is aliased to the ~/Library/Application Support/ on the internal boot volume.

Maybe nothing at all. Could be a bug. I’ll check this next week.