Question about Inboxes & Content

I have only been working with DT a few days. I created a Test Database and then My Database.

I successfully imported all my Evernote notes into My Database. Test Database contains just a few items I experimented with.

Now I’m confused. With both databases open, in widescreen view, I see under Globals, Inboxes. When I click on Inboxes, I see the all the contents of both My Database and Test Database and some new Test Database notes. When I click on My Database and Test Database their contents also appear there.

Under Inboxes is an indented Inbox. This second inbox contains the new notes for my small Test Database. If I move the contents of Inboxes to Trash, the contents of the both databases are also removed.

If I close Test Database and leave My Database open, Inboxes shows ALL the contents of My Database and the new test notes for Test Database. The Inbox contains only new test notes for Test Database.

If I close My Database and leave Test Database open, Inboxes contains all the contents of Test Database and Inbox contains only new test notes for Test Database.

I thought once the notes were moved to groups in a database, the notes would no longer be in the Global Inboxes. Is this not correct?

What have I done and how can I remedy it?



The unified inboxes show the items of the global inbox and the local inboxes of each database, this can be e.g. customized in Preferences > General.

Thank you for your help. I unselected Unify Inboxes and the globals Inbox now shows only the new notes.

The individual Inbox below each database still shows the same number of notes as the database itself and the same list of groups is displayed when I click on either the database inbox or the database name. Is this correct?


That’s correct. If the notes were imported into the database’s inbox and the preference is disabled, then the number of items in this inbox is used for the database’s item count in the sidebar.

Thanks for taking time to answer questions for a new user.