Question about iPhone Sync but with too large file size

Hi all

I am still trying to determine if Devonthink will suit my needs of “every resource in one place” (bookmarks, files, notes).

On my Mac at work and Macbook at home I have imported all files into the respective databases. I intend to use Webdav to sync them so I can access both databases at home/work.

My question is, if I then get the iPhone/iPad app so I can access my notes there, and add notes, well, all the files in my databases are far, far greater than the storage space on the phone. But I dont need the files. I just want my notes.

So therefore can one just sync. the groups with notes/bookmarks and not files? Or choose which files, so I can exclude old files I dont need?

If not then would one recommend creating a separate database for say “Archive” files that I dont access much (files dating back years but I need to keep) and create a smaller “Work in Progress” database for files I am currently working on, then I can sync that to the phone as file space is less? Ideally I would want one database as I keep all customer, project, finance, HR, etc. related stuff together for example, whether its old or new so didnt want two databases for them.

What would be a recommended approach?

Oh by the way, I use Evernote for notes and am looking to replace that. The issue is Evernote’s note database and syncing between devices is fantastic, its so easy to add new notes on the go, and access old ones, so I need to replicate this on Devonthink if I am to replace Evernote.

Thanks a lot

If you look at the list of groups that were created by default in your DEVONthink databases, you will see one named ‘Mobile Sync’. You will want to replicate the groups that you want to sync to your iOS device(s) to this sync group.

Ah right. Ok thanks. Does that mean a separate folder group or is it like a symbolic link or something? I suppose its not too bad being separate because I use Dropbox too for that. But would be good if I could leave mobile sync folders where they are in groups rather than move them out of my group hierarchy.

You don’t want/need to move the groups to be synced out of the group hierarchy-you’ll want to replicate the groups, or replicate documents within groups, to the Mobile Sync group. Replicants are a very powerful feature of DEVONthink and you’ll want to review the manual on the topic of replicants while you are evaluating DEVONthink.

Ok will do thanks. I don’t want duplicates though, they need to update if the primary version updates. But will RTM on that. Thanks.

Just read about replicating that states if original is changed the replicate does so I think this will work great. So sounds like this will work will give it a go!

Just wanted to update my post to state I hav now used the Mobile Sync with replicated files and it works well. I guess Replicate was not a descriptive name for this feature for me.

I think I read Smart groups do not work in Mobile Sync, but when they do I think this Mobile Sync would truly come into its own… e.g. ideally I would want to mobile sync ALL my notes, but they are all over the place in folders with files which I dont want to sync. So if I could specify to sync. just all text and RTF notes, which are replicated, then that would be ideal. Nevertheless its working well I think, just manually selecting the notes I want to sync for now.