Question about PDF compression and Imprinter

Hello, i created a PDF using ABBYY FineReader PDF with MRC enabled which was ca. 380 KB in size. When i add an imprint like Scanned: 18.05.2023 it adds another approx. 100KB to the file. I would not expect that much. Is the imprinter changeing the compression method perhaps? Or could i have made any wrong settings somewhere that influence this behaviour?

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DT uses macOS integrated PDF framework and, well, it is buggy over buggy and it is a known issue: a thin PDF converts in a fat one only adding one tiny annotation. Another side effect is corrupt the text layer.

My experience with MRC compression and macOS is not good, sometimes it fails to draw parts, more if text is marked as Unicode. However, MRC have so big advantages dealing with scanned documents, that I use it (btw, Windows version of Abbyy does a lot better job than macOS one).

I tend to avoid use integrated PDF support in macOS and use PDF Expert for anything, even when inside DT: I set double click a file open it externally, and set PDF Expert as default PDF handler in macOS.


Hello, thanks for your insights, do you have a compared the OCR quality of ABBYY and Expert? I had a 2.x license without OCR, but since the change to 3.x towards a monthly subscription i did not continue but ABBYY is steering into the same direction here… does Expert support MRC? I found the accuracy between ABBYY standalone slightly higher then with the integrated OEM Library but assumed that is due to the fact that DT has to wait until OEM is on the same version then standalone and then also do the integration work which they stated is quite a piece of work for testing. On windows i would miss DT though …

Hi, yes, I have full PDF Expert purchased (when it was out of subscription) and have ABBYY 15 in Windows and previous ABBYY version in macOS. I didn’t updated Windows version because subscription.

Related to your question, no, PDF Expert does not support MRC as it is a specific from ABBYY. I’m not sure because I don’t use much DT integrated OCR, but it seems if you select “Compress” in options you get a soft MRC compression.

In my tests, Windows MRC compress a lot more than macOS, and Windows version has “subpixel” (or similar called stuff) that makes font vectorisation less abrupt in swap more CPU muscle to print it.

I usea a ET 24 Pro scanner that internally uses ABBYY Library and compression and quality is inferior to the Windows version, but in this case the scanner does a better job cleaning (whitening) the text, then my workflow is scan and pre-process in ET software to images, then to PDF with OCR under ABBYY in Windows.

Thank you again, i am thinking about a win based mini desktop for another software in the IT architecture modeling space as it has no macOS version. I could think of running the win version there with watching and processing a folder as this is not available yet in macOS.
Anyway i would have not wanted to have additional investments and systems to run, while digitizing from the scanner to my macbook though. I would love for the included library to provide similar mrc compression and quality i get with the desktop app though and DT not to bloat the PDF when a simple imprint is added. This is a topic since serveral years …

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You are welcome.

My current scenario is a Mac mini M2 Pro (32 GB RAM, 2 TB disk), and a Parallels Windows 11 VM mostly running ABBYY only. Apart of my other Mac, I have a Windows laptop (I need it sometimes for work) running ABBYY as well. If I’m not in a hurry, I use the VM, as it takes about 3x more to do the same job than the real Windows. If not, I process it in my Windows laptop, passing the images in a Samsung T2 disk.