Question about preference choices

In looking at Preferences->Images I noticed that there are three choices under Files:

  1. Link to Originals
  2. Copy Files to Database Folder
  3. Copy Files Into Database

I don’t understand the difference between numbers 2 and 3. (The same choices are available under PDF & PS as well as QuickTime. Can someone explain the difference to me?



Option 3 imports images (or PDFs) into the ‘body’ of the DT Pro database, along with text files, HTML files and so on.

I prefer option 2 because it doesn’t result in ‘bloat’ of the main database, especially with large images or PDFs, and if the ‘body’ of the database were to be corrupted by, e.g., a system failure or power outage, I’ll still be able to recover the images or PDFs from the Files folder within the database package. I mentioned ‘bloat’ because, if images or PDFs are copied into the body of the database, they are recopied within the Backup folders. So if I’ve used option 3 to import a PDF file and have three internal Backup folders, I’ll eventually end up with four copies of that file within my database package. And, of course, I’ve made the database ‘body’ larger than if I had chosen option 2.

The revised database structure when DT Pro 2.0 is released will store all files in the Files folder inside the database package file. Currently, the ‘body’ of the database holds a number of file types including text RTF, HTML and so on. The revised database structure will make the ‘body’ of the database smaller, resulting in lesser RAM requirements and speeding up some operations. In DT Pro version 2, option 3 will disappear. The ‘body’ of the database will continue to hold the glossary of text contents, metadata for organizational structure and individual documents and so on.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Once again, Bill, your knowledge is just the ticket. That’s a great explanation and I appreciate it.