Question about regarding the DEVONthink Office Pro inbox


I have a question about the inbox. I bring content in when scanning or using the clip extension, etc. What I have noticed is that there are only two items in the inbox to include tags and one text item. Everything else is only visible in the smart groups such as Recently Added. This is fine, but I cannot then remove those items from the global inbox for some reason. I’d also like to see those items generally in the inbox as well. I admit that although I have read over the documentation and I’m getting a good handle on using DEVONthink, I still have to sort out some of the ways the application functions. For example, the global inbox is basically a database on its own or at least that is my understanding. Any tips on being able to see the items in the inbox and not just the smart groups would be appreciated. Sorry if my question does not exactly make sense.


Scott, is “the inbox” the Global Inbox, or is it the inbox of one of your databases?

“Recently Added”, which is visible in the sidebar, is a global smart group – it searches all open databases including the Global Inbox. Try to select an item in “Recently Added” and use Data > Reveal or ⌘R to be taken to the place where that item is located. Reveal is a useful command in any smart group.

Yes, the Global Inbox is basically a database. If you have the sidebar visible (View > View/Hide Sidebar) the Global Inbox should appear at the top of the sidebar in a section named “Globals” – there you’ll find the Global Inbox and the Trash (which is also a database). If you do not see the Global Inbox there, then there might be an issue with DEVONthink that is specific to your computer (i.e., something is mis-configured) and that can be sorted out if you open a ticket with [i]Support[/i].

If you have trouble finding a document in the inbox of a database other than the Global Inbox, it is possible that the document is located in the root of that database. Select Go > Top Group to see any documents that are not located in the Inbox of that database or in any other group. You should be able to move the documents from the root to the location you want.

If you are seeing imported documents in the global (Sidebar) smart groups, and not in the Global Inbox, you might want to confirm your import preferences. Look at ‘Preferences>Import>Destination’ and confirm that it is set to ‘Global Inbox’. From what you describe, it may be set to ‘Inbox of current database’.

Hi all,

I figured out the problem. I went to View > Expand All and suddenly I could view all the documents in the Global Inbox. I had no clue it was collapsed and I know I have looked through View before to see if anything in there would help. I either missed the option or just didn’t connect the dots. As a VOiceOver user I would have expected to see (hear) the disclosure triangle or something that indicates the Inbox was collapsed, which is the case for the Inbox within other databases. Nice to have that sorted out and now I can clean out the Inbox database. :slight_smile:

That’s … odd. There’s nothing to collapse (apart from the Tags group) in the Global Inbox unless you’ve created groups, subgroups or smart groups there. (Which you can.) All the documents are usually at the root of the Global Inbox and the root cannot be collapsed. If you have a collapsed group (like Tags) then that group should appear in the database’s sidebar. What View are you using (Tags, Columns, Split, Three-Pane, List, Icons)?

Well, you’re up and running – which is what matters.