Question about replicate

I love the Replicate feature, it allows me to avoid the dilemma of the century of whether to use groups or tags.

The only concern is that when one of the replicated files is moved from database A to database B, the other replicated file in database A will be deleted as a result of the operation.(I want to keep files in both database A and database B, even if Replicate no longer works)

There are two solutions I can think of.

  1. Use Duplicate: Generate a large number of redundant files and cannot be modified synchronously.
  2. Avoid moving files to another database: I tried to reduce the chance of this happening, but I don’t think it can be avoided 100%.

I’m in a struggle, do you guys have any good suggestions?

Sincere thanks! :heart:

It‘s possible to use the same file across databases if you use indexed records.

If you plan to use this with real data make sure to read everything about indexing (vs. importing) in DEVONthink‘s help.


Thanks for the suggestion, Pete.

I still remember that you helped me last time to solve the problem of opening DT link directly with default PDF reader using Alfred.

It’s a good solution, unfortunately I personally don’t like using the Index feature too much.

Is there any other solution? :exploding_head:

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No, there’s no other solution.
You can’t replicate across databases.

If you find yourself wanting to replicate between databases often, perhaps you should stop and rethink your database organization.

  • Perhaps you have created database that are too specific (though I think too specific is better than too general).

  • Perhaps you need to create a library database that would house this common information.

  • Perhaps tags and smart groups are a better option.

  • Perhaps you are trying to create too many instances of files via replication, creating replicants that seem right in the moment but aren’t truly useful in the long run.

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Okay, I understand.

How should I address you? Every time you help me solve a problem, I want to thank you, but I don’t know your name. :see_no_evil:

If you click my avatar, you’ll see my name.

PS: I’m just making suggestions about possible approaches to the situation, not saying you have to follow them. :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll remember that.

I am clear.Thank you, Jim

My pleasure