Question about replicating into an indexed Obsidian folder

I know replicants behave differently in Finder than regular files but just wondering about this issue.
I have Obsidian indexed to one of my DBs in DT.
Luckily, Obsidian can handle replicant markdown files. But, I can’t replicate a document from one group directly into the indexed folder - it doesn’t show up in Obsidian.
However, when I replicate into a separate folder, then drag and drop into the indexed folder, the replicant shows up in Obsidian.
The only problem is if I delete a replicant document from within Obsidian, all instances in DT get deleted, not just the replicant in the indexed folder.

The second issue is inevitable but is there a workaround for the first issue?
I think I might have to play around with a smart rule or something perhaps - create a replicate and move smart rule or similar.

replicants in the Finder?

Replicants do not generate copies of a file, so if you replicate into an indexed group, no file is put into the file system.

Did you read the In & Out > Importing & Indexing > Indexing and the file system section in the Help and manual?

Thank you Jim for the response.
Forgive me if I am missing something about replicant behaviour, but I’m not sure that is the issue I was talking about.

Regarding moving a replicant markdown into an indexed folder, the replicant document will only show up in the Obsidian application if I drag and drop the replicant markdown into the indexed group. The replicant document wont show up if I click on Replicate Into > Indexed Folder’s Name from the document’s original location/group. I have to replicate it into another group, then drag it into the indexed folder.

You’re welcome.

I actually think it’s a bug and shouldn’t create a file in the Finder in either instance.

@cgrunenberg: This is accurate. Replicating directly to an indexed group does not generate a file in the Finder. Replicating to a non-indexed location, then moving the replicant to the indexed group does create a file in the Finder.

well I hope this is a bug you are able to turn into a feature or something as it certainly helps my work. Although I doubt this will be possible due to the nature of replicants and the finder.

That’s actually correct, only moving converts imported to indexed items.