Question about sorter behavior

I have a couple quick questions about the sorter’s behavior:

(1) When you clip from a webpage, the “body” field stays empty — does it have a purpose? (There’s no mention of it in the manual for web clipping)

(2) After I clip, the sorter’s interface stays open (see below), requiring a click again to hide it. Is this as designed?


  1. Any text entered in the body field is stored in the Finder comments in DT3
  2. It depends on how the Sorter is opened, if you select the menu extra icon manually and add a bookmark it will stay open, if you use the Clip to DT Hotkey or DT browser extension then the Sorter will close after you add the bookmark.
  1. question for the developers: shouldn’t that field be labeled “finder comments” instead of “body”?

  2. thanks, I see that now.

The naming is so that the ui is consistent across clipping and note taking.

Yes but the two fields capture different data, so I find that having the same label for both is confusing. (Especially since “body” means something specific for a webpage.)

Yes body means something specific if we were talking about html content, however in the context of the Sorter you generating a note of a selected format and therefore a common wording across note creation is preferable.

I can understand dansroka’s puzzlement as it’s all rather unintuitive.

And why call it “Finder comments”? Any data entered are not actually stored in the real Finder comments (Show in Finder > Get Info).

Whatever I enter in the DT3’s Finder Comments field is reflected in the “Comments” field when the file is viewed in MacOS finder. Just FYI

Hmm… that’s strange because it’s not being reflected in the Finder for me. Are we talking about indexed or non-indexed database here? (though maybe that doesn’t matter)…


Ah I see. So these “Finder comments” I guess are just “comments” in the context of a non-indexed database … ?

They will become Finder comments after exporting non-indexed items too.