Question about sync behaviour


I have DTPO installed on 2 macs and have been syncing via the new method (since 2.5). I just have a question about how Dropbox sync works, as I think I’ve been making things unnecessarily difficult for myself. At the moment, when I enter something into a database and sync it from one computer, I’ll immediately perform a sync on the other computer to ensure both databases are consistent, but also because I’ve been a little concerned if I don’t do this it might cause issues in the database.

So, does Dropbox in effect store a ‘Master’ copy of a database, that will ensure both local databases stay up to date even if a sync is performed at different times with multiple changes to each database in between (if that makes sense). By way of example:

  1. A database is in sync on Mac A and Mac B.

  2. Make change/s to database A.

  3. Sync database A.

  4. Make change/s to database B.

  5. Sync database B (database B is now up to date)

  6. Sync database A (database A now up to date)

Apologies if this is a silly question - it may be the assumed behaviour, but if it is, I’ve missed the message.



While it’s not storing a copy of the database as you would imagine it, it IS storing that data to produce that database on another machine.

Your step-by-step is correct. Note that a Direct Connection is “less out of Sync” since there’s no intermediary Sync point like Dropbox, syncStore, etc. Just an FYI.