question about tagging and moving docs from inbox to tags

Hi everyone,

I’m new here, so I hope I’m posting in the right section of the board.

One of the things I’m using DevonThink Pro for is to collect and organise different pdfs and web clips for a book I want to write. I have decided to use tags rather than groups as a main organising principle, because quite a few of the documents are relevant to more than one topic.

So, two questions:

I’ve been fiddling a bit with moving stuff from the inbox to tags. Drag and drop doesn’t work - the item still remains in the inbox. I am now tagging the item while it is in the inbox, and I then right click and use ‘move’, then select the relevant data base, then click ‘tagged resources’. Is this the right way to go about this?

Second, there is something I am confused about in the user manual. On page 116, it basically says you need to choose whether you are a grouper or a tagger. I know that I’m a tagger, and I have a strong preference to organise my info by tags, not groups.

However, a few pages later down in the manual it says this:

So, if I’m a tagger but I’m not recommended to ‘move’ a document to a tag, what is the ‘correct’ way of doing about this and still keep tagging as an organising principle?

The precaution that you is because if you move documents into the tags, and they exist in the database only in the tag group, then you can inadvertently mass delete documents by deleting a tag. If I were to use something similar to your workflow, I’d drag all the documents to the root of the database or create a ‘Documents’ group and put all the documents there rather than moving everything into its tag groups.

Thanks, Greg, I did what you suggested and replicated all the documents to a ‘documents’ group. Replicates should work for my purpose, right? I did a test where I deleted a document within a tag, but it still existed within the ‘documents’ folder.

I’d point out that the “grouper vs. tagger” concept, and the quote mentioned in the original post in this thread, are not from the user manual. They are from Joe Kissell’s excellent Take Control of Getting Started with DEVONthink 2, and represent Joe’s opinion of best practices in DEVONthink. It’s not the only approach, however. I happen to believe there is much to be gained from using both groups and tags in a database and I do it constantly because using standard groups plus tags (merely a different type of group) is liking making a 2 dimensional image into a 3 dimensional image. Like any information structure, you have to be careful and consistent - which Joe also states, and that’s good advice.

End of interruption.

Thanks, Korm. That makes a lot of sense, your post made me think in new ways about how to organise my material.

And sorry for the misquotation - I forgot that that manual isn’t the ‘official’ one!