Question about the imprinter


i had created an imprinter before, that created an imprint like this:
Scanned: 20230501 16:45

But when in now look at the placeholders and i try to recreate it on another mac, i can only find elements that create this:
Scanned: 2023-05-01 16:45:23
Were the placeholders changed or is there any other setting that affects how they present, i.e. language or locale settings or some other options?

Kind regards

What placeholder(s) did you use?

Scanned: %sortableDate% %time%

I did not find any other for short time or any other way to show the date, also when i tried hour : minutes there was additional blanks in between in could not get removed:
16 : 45
for example.
I do not have access to the other machine right now to check if i did any use any other trick to get the results but i thought i had used placeholders there as well …

These placeholders create the second imprint but not the first one. Maybe you used something like %year%%month%%day% %hour%:%minute%?

Hmm, when i copied the placeholders looking like this in DT:

Then it translated to Scanned: %sortableDate% %time% when pasted here.
If i try to copy paste your proposal back, it does not recognize the placeholders.
Hence my question if there was some change in recent relaeses?

Trying the placeholders like this

Scanned: %sortableDate% %hour%:%minute% as mentioned leads to undesireable spaces in between: 16 : 47 as stated in my previous example.

Here is a PDF imprint example with long date, sortable date, time and hour:minute:

Here is another with Scanned: %year%%month%%day% %hour%:%minute%
which results in