Question about the Sync Beta

I’m still trying to figure out how the Sync actually works.

All of my documents are stored in my Dropbox. My Devonthink database Indexes, instead of Imports about 20GB+ worth of files - and all of the files it indexes are in my Dropbox.

Ideally, because the files themselves are in my Dropbox, I would like to be able to access the database (which could also be stored in the Dropbox) on any of my computers. I realize that it is not a multi-user database and I have to be careful about not having it opened at the same time on multiple computers.

Now there’s the sync. If I turn on the sync for the database that Indexes instead of Imports the files, it looks like it is trying to copy all of the files themselves to the Dropbox sync file. Is that true? If so, the sync can’t and won’t work for me. Again, I have 20gb+ of files that are indexed, and they are indexed and not synced for a reason. All of the files are on all of the HDs, so I think it would be possible just to have a synced database.