[Question] Adding column to Summarize Highlights' sheet with DT custom data

I’m trying to find an efficient way for adding one (or few) more column to TSV sheet with some DT Custom Metadata, and I think AppleScript would work here perfectly. But here is a problem - I don’t know how to code :cry: . Or maybe there is a simpler way of doing it? My workflow: Reading and highlighting article → exporting annotations through the “Summarize Highlights” tool → putting results to Tinderbox for further research. Having automatically added additional columns with custom metada would help me to save a massive amount of time because I wouldn’t have to manually type it in Tinderbox.
I would greatly appreciate any help!

There are tons of examples available in this forum. Searching for tell application id "DNtp" should give you a good starting point.

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@chrillek Thank you, that’s what I’m actually doing for last few days! :wink:

I suggest that you find some script that deals with sheets (I seem to remember that @pete31 posted at least one) and start from there. If you run into concrete problems, post the code and the error message(s) here. I’m sure that someone will help you out then.
ScriptDebugger is a great tool to dive into AppleScript (which is the language used by most of the scripts here).

That’s what I will do, thanks!

You might want to upgrade to the latest release (as of today): It includes a new AppleScript method to get annotations, it seems. Haven’t checked it out yet, though.

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