Question/Feature request:image clipping of PDFs

Is there an image clipping tool for PDFs in DTTG? If not, can I submit a request? Currently, I am taking a screenshot of the PDF that is opened in DTTG, cropping, copying, and then pasting into notability. Would be nice if I can just make a square selection directly in DTTG to copy an image from a PDF and paste that into notability.



The request is noted. However, this is a third-party framework so we can’t say whether or not it would be implemented.

By third party framework are you referring to the fact that I want to copy images into other programs? Copying images from a PDF would still be a useful feature and can be used to copy from a PDF into a note that was created in DTTG. It’s a standard feature in desktop PDF viewers.

No. The PDF behavior is developed by a third-party developer.

Remember: iOS ≠ macOS.

Ah I see. Thanks for the clarification!

No problem! :smiley: