Question from newbie about Import of url sites


I use (test) DevonThink today for the first time.

In which way can I store Infos from a url.

I open and I wil store the text.
If I store the link so it can be that some days the link is dead

In which way can I select text and pictures with one command and store it in DevonThink?

Thanks for help :wink:

Jochen (.de)

If you’ve opened the page in a browser (e.g. Safari), you could use the service “Take Rich Note” to add the contents to the database. But if you’ve opened the page inside DT, you could use the contextual menu command “Capture Page” of course (adding the HTML code, the page title and the URL to the database).


this was also my first lesson.

i have now a good workflow to store webpages.

i set a new Shortcut for the Service/New Rich Text Cmd+Ctrl+D (for "DEVONthink") … of course this is only possible in Panther.

Then i mark the content (don’t mark all with cmd+a because this makes often Problems) and push Cmd+Ctrl+D.

Now i have it in my DEVONthink database and need no internet connection to view it. I have also put on “Auto catagorize” (i have a german version, so i don’t know the real english name of this function) and it works fantastic.

Oh … by the way … hello forum - using DEVONthink since yesterday and it think these are my most powerfull 5,7 MB on my iBook-Disk.

@ Jochen

Mist ich hätte mir mein abgebrochenes Englisch sparen können, wenn ich bisschen genauer hingeguckt hätte.

Aber ist ja eine Hilfe, die jeder verstehen soll.

Beste Grüße


You can also use the PrintPanel with the PDF-Print-Script for DEVONthink for importing webpages.

This looks sometimes better then the rtf-Text-Import but has three disadvanteges:

  1. The files are only linked and stored in a seperate folder
  2. Editing isn’t possible
  3. The files are much bigger


Ralf, Münster

PDF files saved using the Save in DEVONthink PDF print service are copied directly into the database if the Images & PDF->Copy files into database preference is set.