Question on "compare" and "classify" in DT dictionary (amended)

I asked the wrong question in the other Post.

In DT dictionary:
(1) “Classify” generates a list of suggested groups and there is a score property for each item (group) in the list. How to interpret “score”?
(1) “Compare” generates a list of “see also” items. But it seems “score” is not applicable to items in the list. Is there some kind of value to check how likely is an item in the list is related to the subject item of “compare”?

Thank you very much in advance

The score is identical to the values in the user interface, see Score column. 1.0 is the highest score and means the items are identical, 0.0 means absolutely no similarity.

How does the script look like? A simple test was successful.

The var d returns null? Thanks again!

EDITED: I know what I did WRONG (too much coffee in the morning thus the fast fingers)… the 5th line of code should be set d to score of c's item 1

I would recommend tea instead, at least it works for me :smiley: