Question on DT item file paths in Finder


I would like to work with media files stored in DevonThink with a third-party app. For the specific use case I’m envisioning, it would be important that the Finder file path of these items does not change.

Would appreciate some input on whether the Finder file paths change at all and, if so, under what circumstances. I’ve already tested moving items around in different groups in DevonThink, and this luckily doesn’t seem to impact these items’ paths.

Thanks in advance!

To the best of my knowledge, the path would not generally be expected to change. There is a caveat however: paths may change if you have to rebuild the database.

It is not advocated to use the file paths of imported files in DEVONthink.

Thank you both for your answers!

I’ve needed to rebuild the database rarely, but it does happen.

I will therefore duplicate the media files to a local folder in order to work with them in Camtasia, rather than working directly with media files stored in DTPO. For anyone interested: Theoretically, it is possible to drag items directly into Camtasia for editing.

You’re welcome!

For anyone interested: Theoretically, it is possible to drag items directly into Camtasia for editing.

Drag and drop is a wonderful mechanism and can often be used with many Mac-native applications!

PS: There is also the option of indexing a Finder folder of resources. For example, if you had to link images in Adobe Indesign / Quark Express / etc. you’d need to ensure the paths are static. Storing and linking to items in a Finder folder ensures the paths are unchanging. But you can index the folder into a DEVONthink database in order to have in-database access to them.

However, indexing is discussed in the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing, especially the Indexing and the file system section. Pay special attention to the Indexing and the filesystem section so you understand how actions in DEVONthink can affect files in the file system.

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Sounds like indexing could be the way to go here!

I’ve been using this in a different context and it has been highly reliable so far.