Question on DT service shortcut access


I have the following situation

  • I have setup a service shortcut in service settings
  • I have checked that the shortcut works (opens a dictionary) from Safari
  • From Safari, I see the option as well as the new shortcut in the service menu
  • From DT, I can select the option through the menu (the dictionary will open with the correct selected text)
  • From DT, I see the option but I do not see the shortcut
  • From DT, the shortcut does not work

I am on Sonoma 14.1.1 (23B81)

Can you please advise?

Services are relative to what the current application reports. They don’t just always appear in the Services menu. That’s why they’re broken down into categories like Text, Pictures, etc.

As an example, select some text in a web page in Safari, then open the Services menu. You’ll see services about rich text available.
Now open the same web page in Firefox and open the Services menu. Notice what’s missing… services related to rich text. That’s because Firefox isn’t returning rich text, just text.

It would be helpful to share the shortcut or at least screen captures of its actions.


The service appears in DT, but not the shortcut [1] while the service appears in Safari as well as the shortcut[2].

Also the service works in both when called from the menu. It is just the shortcut that does not work from DT.



Note that, since, I have found other applications that have the same “issue”. Not sure why Safari is behaving as I expect.