Question on indexing and aliases

I have a folder in Documents where I collect material on a subject which I also trace in a DTPO database. To integrate the two, indexing the folder into the database might be a good idea.

However, in the folder (in Finder) are various aliases which point to folders where my talks and my papers on the subject reside. This is useful in Finder, as I can “see” and easily access all the stuff that I have. But I do not want the DTPO indexing to follow the aliases, because a) that would lead to far and b) might even create circularity.

So rather than testing it and creating problems, can I ask whether DTPO will actually follow the aliases when indexing? It seems there is no preference in DTPO from which one could determine DTPO’s behaviour either way; might adding one be a good idea, or is the behaviour determined by factors in OS X and thus beyond DTPO’s control?

Many thanks for help and suggestions!


Yes, aliases and symbolic links are resolved while importing/indexing.