Question on Synchronization


I’m using DTPO 2.8.6 and DTTG. Also on OS X 10.11

I had an existing RTF file on all devices. I made a change to the font and font size in DTPO.

I did a sync between iPhone and mac and the version on my iPhone took precedence over the version on my mac. Font and font size reverted to the original settings I assume based on the iPhone version. Tried this a couple of times with the same result.

In DTPO, I made the same changes to font and font size but this time I renamed the file.

I did a sync between iPhone and mac but this time, the font changes worked but the filename reverted back to the original filename. So now the font changes are the same across all devices but the filename is the original name…

Only when I change the filename do my font changes sync across to other devices.

Any advise is appreciated.


Please start a Support Ticket.