Question on the procurement of DT3 Server

With a limited time 25% discount available, now would be a great time to buy a license for DT3 Server. My request is that among folks who have a license for the server version, how well does a web interface work for folks with limited computer expertise and/or tolerance?

The advantages of of DT3 Server in an office setting are pretty obvious. But my requirements are more personally oriented: how well would Server work in providing access to a database containing extensive music research info to a contact located remotely who uses a Windows system? How well would Server work to provide access to a db for one’s spouse in the event of own passing (said db to include vital information for survivors, etc.)? Etc. In short, what’s your opinion in using Server to provide selected access to selected persons for selected purposes, when those folks are not really up to the level of expertise of most people around here?

Thanks in advance for any tips, insight, opinions etc.


Probably will work fine with wife in local area network. Test with her, and perhaps just confirm that it would be better than just giving her the id and password on your computer. Or giving her a license for DEVONthink or DEVONthink ToGo.

As for remote access across the internet. That a “fish of a different color” as they say. Independent of DEVONthink you would have to set up a secured internet connection and keep your Mac running server all the time. For the secure network setup I know the buzzwords and the issues but I would not attempt that without more expertise and monitoring resources than I have.

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Thank you for your response. I’ve purchased a third seat for my wife some time ago but I’m afraid she’s unwilling to undertake the learning curve for DT even for basic operations; that’s why I’m looking for comments on the web interface with an eye toward, frankly, how easy is it to perform, say, basic searches etc.

Also thanks for your comments on non-local access. I agree that’s quite a challenge to develop and administer what would be, essentially, my own web site. In this case, I’ll be looking to see if I can give limited access to selected storage space on Backblaze, where I can send links to specific files. But maybe not.

I doubt that the web Interface can avoid learning. Though I’ve never seen it. There’s only so much an interface can do …

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Well, I sort of had that experience with a pair of friends. Reluctance to use a computer holding files.

So I showed the “record-keeper” of the pair how to write a “book” of instructions with links to files. The “book” (came to about 25 pages) gave the “record-keeper” person the opportunity to elaborate and explain. The links were to DEVONthink files (for the writer’s benefit) in writing and maintaining the “book”. All the linked-to documents were printed to paper, put in notebook binder with the “book” upfront.

Keep it simple. If you like and use DEVONthink, use it for your benefit. “Publish” your work to paper, electronic files in DEVONthink/computer/server/offsite, or whatever your reader(s) expects/demands.

undertake the learning curve for DT even for basic operations

And what would that learning curve involve?
Can she use the Finder? If so, she can use DEVONthink. :slight_smile:

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Thanks to all who responded. Several points made which I had not considered. Also, I got quite a bit out of the “Server” section of the manual.


Also, I got quite a bit out of the “Server” section of the manual.

Glad to hear it! :heart: :slight_smile: