Question on Triggering Sync via Bonjour on DTTG

I am syncing between my mac and my iphone via bonjour. when opening DTTG on the iphone sync does not happen automatically before the phone goes into sleep again. tapping the cloud system does not trigger sync either, which I would have expected.

when going into settings (einstellungen) / sync location (speicherorte) / and then my local network sync does get triggered automatically.

is that behaviour intended? I would have hoped for tapping the cloud symbol to trigger the sync.

Which is how’s it works for me, albeit with Webdav sync. Do you have by chance selected manual sync?

That only works for me once DTTG has been open for a minute or so, or has already completed a sync triggered as you described in your first post. I actually ended up adjusting the sleep time on my mobile devices for exactly that reason. I’ve always assumed there was some overhead in the bonjour protocol; but actually that seems unlikely. @eboehnisch if you have time, what’s the technical background here?