Question or Feature Request: Service for Take Markdown Note

Not much to explain. I simply want to be able to Take Markdown Note with a Service rather than Rich Note or Plaintext Note. How difficult is that to set up?

There is nothing built-in but nothing infringing on you creating one (as they can be built in Automator). However, YMMV as selections aren’t reported equally in all applications, even with the same fileTypes. For example, Chrome would report something different than Preview with text selected in a PDF.

I see, I was misunderstanding what the Services did anyway. Thanks!

Ok, now I have a new request:

I discovered that if I turn off the Sorter, then whatever shortcut had been assigned to the Sorter’s Take Note function then works globally and brings up a floating Take Note panel from DTPO. This is EXCELLENT. But now I have to live without the Sorter. That is sad.

So, what I would like is the option to disable the “Take Note” functionality of the Sorter and use the floating window from DTPO while retaining the ability to have the Sorter UI on the desktop for…umm…sorting. In other words, make the Sorter just a sorter!


Bummer! Did you know that TextExpander doesn’t work when you have fill-in snippets in the Take Note pop-up window?