Question re Move to function - is there a glitch?

Hi, the Data Menu Item, "Move to " with shortcut control + command + m, enables a go-to box with a search operation. However, this avenue does not move the items by double-clicking the destination. On the other hand, the dialogue box and right-hand click option for “Move to” do work for me. Is this something others can replicate?

Thanks, John

Yes - I’ve noticed this using the sorter.


  • Selecting files in the global inbox.
  • Using (CTRL + CMD + M), either search for subfolder/ group or expand, double-click on subfolder.

Mail and markdown files move to the selected subfolder fine.
PDF files created on 6 September 2023 move fine.
PDF and Word files created more recently (eg after 2 October 2023) won’t move from the global inbox.
I can manually select and drag them into the desired subfolder in the project database no problem.

I’m using DT 3.9.3
MacBook Air M1 chip
MacOS 13.5.2 (22G91)

Me too

Thanks for the feedback, this seems to be a bug. We’ll check this.

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The next maintenance release will fix this regression.