Question re: PDF annotations in 2.0

First, congrats on a great release. I am very happy with what I’ve seen thus far and looking forward to the final release.

I have a question for the developers or somebody else in the know concerning the general strategy for PDF annotations in 2.0. Will this be done using the PDF Kit frameworks used by Preview, Skim’s frameworks or something wholly different? I ask because I may change my current behavior (I currently use Skim) while waiting for 2.0 if it would mean time saved in eventually converting annotations.

I think (this issue doesn’t affect me personally) that DTP will use PDFKit to create new annotations but support reading/indexing Skim annotations. Not positive on that.

I too do annotation in SKIM and whereas I probably wouldnt do annotations in DT, if DT aware of SKIM annotations that could be helpful.