Question Regarding Changing Email Provider

I have imported the emails of my current IMAP account into DTP3. The email database is up to date. Now I want to change my hosting provider. So, after the change I have the same email address but another hosting provider.

In order to avoid the transfer of more than 50 thousand emails from my current hosting provider to my future hosting provider by CSV import I want to delete all the emails at my current IMAP account.

What do I have to do in order to lose no email or email attachment but to use seemlessly the same DTP3 email database?

DEVONthink isn’t used for deleting emails on any mail server. It is only for importing them, as needed.
Yours would be an Apple question, assuming you’re using Apple Mail.

The question is: Is DTP3 deleting emails in the database if they won’t be found on the IMAP server anymore.

No, DEVONthink is doing nothing more than copying specified emails into the database. Whatever happens in the email client or email server is of no consequence to the contents of the database.

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