Question Regarding Combining of Documents


When I select two documents, i.e. PDF files, and choose - in the German version of DTPO - Daten > Vereinen, how can I manipulate the order of the files/pages in the new combined file?

For instance, there are the files filename1.pdf with four pages and filename2.pdf with one page. What triggers whether the new combined document begins with the one page of filename2.pdf or with the four pages of filename1.pdf?

Thanks in advance for your support! Kind regards, Friedrich

Let me start by saying that manipulating the selection order has no effect, although I believe that would be great if it did e.g. CMD-clicking on docB, then docA, then docC would order the pages docB, docA, docC.

What does determine the order is how the documents are ordered in the list e.g. if you sort alpha ascending, then the documents will merge docA, docB, docC,… Sort alpha descending and the documents will merge docC, docB, docA,…

I normally just sort the pages once the documents are merged, but sometimes I force sort the document in the page order I want by adding a prefix to the documents or selecting the Unsorted option and manually order the documents in the list.