Question regarding image edit

Is there any way to get the image edit HUD to remember it’s last open location or to change the location from which it opens from the bottom of the DTPO window. At the moment, every time I use the function I have to drag the image edit window up from the bottom of the DTPO window. Is this the default behavior or have I inadvertently changed a setting.

Image editing is not yet supported, see Upgrader’s Guide. Therefore changes are not saved.

Thanks Christian, but I’m not sure you answered my question. I’m not talking about changes to the image, I’m talking about where the image edit HUD appears. Is the intended behavior, when it’s implemented, that the HUD appear at the bottom of the screen as shown in the screen capture? If so, I would recommend that DT consider changing that behavior so that it appears in a more accessible location or, at least, remembers its position when last closed. Thanks for listening.

It’s the behaviour intended by Apple as this panel is part of the ImageKit framework. I’m not sure if that’s a good behaviour but we’ll know as soon as image editing will be supported and more people will use it.