question regarding smart/intelligent groups


How can I define a smart group that shows all items matching the criteria
a) has tag xyz
b) is PDF/PS
c) - this is the real question - is in one of specified groups?

Kind regards, Friedrich

In a Local Smart Group (ie. not in the Global Sidebar at the left of the main window), hit the Search In dropdown.

I want to search in a couple of groups. – At the moment I’ve solved the issue by tagging the respective groups and indicate the search query by the respective tag.

Kind regards, Friedrich

A similar approach: if you have included groups for tagging (i.e., the group name is a tag as far as DEVONthink is concerned), then you can search for multiple “tags” as in the smart group shown below, where “d” is the name of one group and “e” is the name of another group.

Because “a” and “e” are normal groups that are included for tagging, then DEVONthink locates anything inside those groups.