Question: Sync Technology

DTPO can do direct syncing between machines on the same network. What technology is used? WebDAV? If so, what is the mechanism.

Thank you.


I synchronize databases between machines on the same network using the Direct Connection method in Sync preferences.

It works flawlessly. I always initiate the process the first time by letting DEVONthink copy the database from Machine A to Machine B. The initiation process copies a database from A to B (not using WebDAV). Once copied, for future sync the process works similarly to sync with DEVONthink to Go in that it looks for changes in each machine and synchronizes the changes. The two databases instances are standard .dtBase2 files.

Perfect. Thank you!

I’m being told by another software vendor the only way to do this reliably is using WebDAV or their private server. Now I can inform them they are quite mistaken,


Curious statement.