Question which is looking for recommendation on Usage Approa

I’m trying to figure out which is the best approach to take in terms of my info management needs and getting rid of paper (scanning it onto my computer). In a Macbundle I got Devonthink Personal and really had no idea what it was. I got curious and discovered that it is just a more powerful but more complex piece of software that acts like SOHO Notes something of which I have used for years.

What I’m restling with is I want my scanned documents to be searchable PDF’s. I can do this in one of two ways. I can upgrade to Devonthink Office Pro and try to learn the program of which I have made some good progress. Or I can buy AbbyFinereader as a standalone product and move the output file/s to either or both SOHO Notes and Devonthink Personal. I have also discovered that you can take a scanned Devonthink Office searchable PDF and just drop it into SOHO Notes.

Now in terms of price buying Abbyfinereader would be $100 but I believe for me to upgrade to Devonthink Office would be $75. Not much difference in price.

If you were me, would you upgrade to Devonthink Office and migrate away from SOHO notes or buy the Abbyfinereader OCR software as a standalone package and import its output to either or both SOHO Notes and Devonthink Personal.

My whole goal is to scan in as much of my paper documents onto the computer as I am dealing with way too much paper and it sometimes takes me a ton of time to find what I’m looking for. On the computer it isn’t that difficult to find what you’re looking for through tags, titles etc but if you add in that the document now becomes a searchable PDF if becomes even way easier to find something (e.g. order # is such and such so you search on that and bang there’s the doc).

Thanks for any thoughts.

I’d upgrade to DTPO.

But, look at the DEVONtech product features page and ask yourself if you’d use any more of the features DTPO offers over DT Personal.

Thanks. My main function that I want is Searchable PDF’s. Some of the other Office Pro features look nice to have - some I understood what they were and some I had no idea what they were LOL. The Personal is not bad at all but the Pro definitely provides a lot of extra functionality.

As I read through the comparison chart I also realized there is probably a fairly steep learning curve to this package. It maybe worth it in the long run but one thing is when you don’t underestand what some functions are or mean you don’t know if they would be valuable and thus useful in the required learning curve.