Questions about rethinking Annotation, Tags, and Notes

I hear you, @korm… That’s my sense of it as well. While there’s not much overlapping area between these two apps in a Venn diagram, and (as you rightly point out) they do represent different approaches to annotation, it sure would be nice to have both features – and…have text links for Highlights and TagNotate-created tags (or tagging features in another iPad app) that could be transferable to DTP.

For me, that would represent the best of both worlds; I’d use TagNotate’s tags for notable annotations (e.g., a topic that’s esp. relevant to a current work issue), and then rely on Highlights’ captured annotations and text links for for other areas that I’s mark up (which could be important but not necessarily tag-worthy, or when I’m racing through an article and just want to quickly highlight area w/o tagging everything). And if these feature could work w/in DTP, then we’d really be cooking w/ gas! Maybe this is a pipe dream, but it does seem like a great solution, no?

Yes, I certainly noticed that as I was exploring Highlights. Since our discussion, I’ve started setting up a text expander app (seems many people suggest aText these days). I’ve been reading up on Markdown, and trying to understand how it would help me w/ my work. I’ve been using TextEdit or some of the DTP templates (e.g., the Phone Notes template) when I write up notes during interviews, or transcribe them, or for other assorted note taking. I don’t write code (if that wasn’t glaringly obvious!), which seems to be what Markdown is partly known for. Anyway, I’m trying to better understand its benefits for my uses… Is there a particular Markdown app that you could suggest for me, given the kinds of things I’d use it for? Thanks!

Dang! Ok, no worries at all, @korm:smiley: I just find I learn a ton from you in your posts, and it almost always helps my work in some ways. In that way I was thinking that if I understood your cradle-to-grave approach to reading, annotating, filing and storing stuff, I might be able appropriate a different, more efficient work process – that’s all. I outlined how I work here: [url]Put up Example page] but expect there’s probably a better, cleaner way of doing this… Again, no worries – you’ve already been incredibly generous. :exclamation: Was just curious…