Questions about Tagging

  1. If I add a document to group that is included in tagging, the group is added to the document’s tags. But if I subsequently remove it from that group, the tag associated with that group is not removed. Is this asymmetric behavior expected?

  2. If a document is in a group that is included in tagging and I add a new tag, without deleting the existing ones, by typing the name of an existing tag in the tag field, the document is moved to the group corresponding to the existing tag, i.e., it disappears from the current group. Is this expected behavior?

I cannot reproduce this over here. Do you have any additional details for me, e.g. how did you remove the document from the group?

No. But again, I can’t reproduce this. Could you send screenshots and/or a sample database (exported via File > Export > Database Archive…) to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!

I cannot send you my main database as it’s very large and contains plenty of private info. I am able to replicate these in that database. I created a new database and am unable to replicate either of these in the new database. It works as expected. I will send screen captures to your email.