Questions from a new user

Hi, I am a new user of Devonthink and will be using it to organize my research. A few questions:

  1. My research contains a great deal of correspondence. I am making one item for each document that I find in my research. Is it possible to set the “From” and “To” columns for the items?
  2. Is it possible to link different items by creating a list of related items?
  3. I have a series of groups and sub-groups which contain my items. Is it possible to see all of the descendant items, i.e. if I click on a group where each sub-group has 3 items, it will show all of the sub-groups’ items rather than nothing (because the group itself is empty)?


It is possible to display these columns, either by right-clicking the column headers in a view, or with the View > Columns menu command. You may sort on these (or any) column, but the content of the “From” and “To” columns is not, however, editable.

Yes. You could, for example, create an RTF document and open it in its own window. If you click any other document, press control, and drag the name of that document to your RTF document, then a link to the dragged document is created in the RTF. Clicking the link will open the referenced document. This is a useful way to make note. Here’s an sample of what I mean by this – the document list is on the left, and the RTF that has reference links is on the right. You can select several documents at once when you control-drag the link to the RTF.

If you are in three-pane view (command-5), then in the groups column if you select more than one group the content of all the select group is shown in the document list pane on the upper right side of your screen. You may command-click group names, or click shift and drag the mouse across multiple groups to select them all. The picture below shows where I’ve command-clicked various groups to combine their results in the document list.