Questions on hidden preference and counter digits

(1) DisableFinderTags. If I want to cut ties with tags in Finder and manage tags only in DT3 for my existing index group in DT3, should I turn-on the preference AFTER the database is opened. I am assuming that DT3 will retain all of the current tags assignment as internal data?
(2) Counter digits: Is there a way to (a) set an arbitrary initial count and (b) reset the count?

Thanks in advance

The tags are of course stored in the database and only mirrored to the Finder (just like Finder comments).

That’s not possible, the index/counter is always based on the processed items whereas the bates number is increased after each usage.

So, DT3 will only import tags if there are tags newly added in MacOS Finder? In that case, it doesn’t matter whether I should turn-on the preference before/after the database is opened for cutting the ties as long as I havn’t done anything outside of DT?

So, counter digits always reset after being assigned to certain selection, but bate number counter will always remain unique? And there is also no way to set the initial count of bates number?

Importing/indexing uses the current Finder tags, updating indexed items uses newer Finder tags (in both cases only if not disabled).

That’s right.