Questions on indexing


I have a question on a few use cases:

  1. Auto-index: I have this folder called !INBOX. It is indexed. Do I need an external script if I want to make DT to automatically index it?

  2. Auto "out"dex: if within DT I decide to organise my stuff and move things around (indexed stuff), is there anyway to get DT to actually “flush” the file into its new location?

  3. Is there anyway for DT to watch indexed files/folders and re-index the files that are shuffled around or deleted in Finder directly?


The short story: DEVONthink doesn’t, at this time, watch file system folders and move things around inside the database, or “flush” folders, or most of what you asked. These topics have been covered numerous times in the forum. Rather than reproduce all that – perhaps you could search the forum and if you’re unsure about the answers already provided, then someone could help further. Sorry – but indexing is the most common topic here (apart from sync). I grant, indexing is confusing, it is not intuitive, and it takes users some time to get it.


Believe it or not, I spend some time browsing around the forum with no success. I did find a discussion which covered my first topic, but it was a little old, but the two other questions I did not see any thread covering them.

I understand that I’m out of luck and that DT does not do what I want. Can you indicate how to complete DT features with additional 3rd party packages?

Thank you so much and thank you for taking the time.

I’m staggering. I would swear that some further discussion happened here, but it seems to have vanished… I know this may sound awkward, but I even have the confirmation emails :frowning:

I remember the answer that I got was very interesting… I may be getting old?