Questions re: DEVONthink Pro v3 internal browser

I’m assuming that DT3 uses some sort of existing codebase for their browser, rather than having rolled their own complete interface.

My question is whether or not the history and/or cookies are shared in any way with any other browser on the system, or whether it’s completely isolated to DEVONthink.

As far as I can tell the answer is “no”, but in the settings there’s a “delete cookies” option that warns it will delete cookies for all WebKit applications - which seems like it would include Safari … ?

DEVONthink obviously stores cookies somewhere because my test login to Facebook in a DEVONthink browser survived the application being closed and re-opened.

Anybody know the nitpicky details of how this works?

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macOS doesn’t share cookies across applications, but yes a cookie will be stored for DEVONthink.

The deeper specifics would have to be answered by Development.

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This warning is actually obsolete and will be removed in the next maintenance release. This was true in earlier versions of macOS when all WebKit apps shared the cookies (very convenient but also quite insecure)

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Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the info!